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Our postgraduate researcher

Our postgraduate researchers are integral to the research we conduct, find out about who they are and what they do.

  • Oluseun Adeluyi

    School of Earth and Environmental Science

    Oluseun is working on Precision Agriculture as a tool for optimization of Rice production using UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

  • Diego Corona Lopez

    School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

    Plant-soil interactions play a key role in agricultural and natural systems, however, our understanding of how they function in their natural environment is still relatively poor. Diego's research encompasses the development of subsoil imaging technologies that can aid in the endeavour of creating sustainable agricultural practices.

  • Helena Herrmann

    School of Earth and Environmental Science

    Helena is a PhD student at The University of Manchester researching how plants acclimatise their photosynthetic apparatus to different temperatures. The allocation of transient carbon assimilates such as sugars, starch, malate and fumarate shift in Arabidopsis thaliana in response to different stresses, including temperature. She is using flux balance analysis and kinetic modelling techniques to gain insight into how an observed photosynthetic acclimation response links to these metabolic changes when exposed to different temperature treatments.

  • Oladunni Omeberelyari

    Alliance Manchester Business School

    Oladunni's research looks at how low margin businesses that rely on a high turnover of products affects the consumer. Low margin, high turnover companies often carry out promotions to increase their sales. One common promotional strategy is bundling. Bundles are attractive to consumers on three major fronts: they save money, they reduce the cognitive effort and they save time. However, not every bundle adds value to the consumer, particularly in the case of fast food. Oludanni's research seeks to demonstrate how consumers are lured into making irrational expenditures and unhealthy food decisions that are inconsistent with their attitudes. The outcome of this research strives to offer mutually beneficial situations for both businesses and consumers where fast food businesses can create healthier bundle options while still securing their profitability.

  • Nikoleta Stamataki

    School of Health Sciences

    Nikoleta is working on Neurocognitive, behavioural and physiological effects of non-nutritive sweeteners in humans.